Hairball Awareness Day

   One of the things I do to look for ideas to blog about or things to market my services with is to talk about pet holidays.  Some of these are things that are pretty normal.  There’s a National Pet Week, a Pet Safety Day and a take your cat to the vet day.  Some of these “days” or “weeks” are started by a company to get some attention to their product or service.  This week is National Pet ID WeekImage I think this is a great idea.  It’s a way to get lost pets reunited with their owners.  Pets can be IDed with a tag on a collar or a microchip.  Both of these have advantages and disadvantages, but you should do one or the other if not both.  Many adoption agencies chip their animals before they send them home with the new owners. 

    But I sometimes come across a day that seems a little funny.  Today is Hairball Awareness Day.  Now I know hairballs are not funny for cat owners and their not funny for cats.  It’s one of the top health issues for cat owning households. Image It may be a sign of a dangerous issue for your cat like a bowel disease or even intestinal cancer.  I couldn’t find out who started Hairball Awareness Day, but I found 2 companies that tied themselves to it pretty closely.  One is Furminator,  That’s the grooming tool that reduces animal hair.  Their website has this description of how hairballs occur from veterinarian Shelby Neely who is also known as the Cat Doctor.  “Because cats groom themselves with their tongues, they naturally ingest some hair in the process,” says Neely.  

According to Dr. Neely, most of the hair will pass though the intestinal tract, but some remains in the stomach. Over time, as more is added, a hairball develops as the hair becomes dampened by bile and other digestive fluids. “Fortunately, by reducing the amount of hair your cat ingests, hairballs can be prevented.”

    Furminator says that by using their product there will be less hair for the cat to ingest.  Regular brushing also reduces the hair the cat will ingest.  Some cats don’t mind a brushing, but as I’m sure some of you know, some don’t like it at all. Image

    Another company that claims it can reduce the hairballs for your cats is Hills Pet Food Company.  “Controlling this issue is as easy as feeding their cats Science Diet® Hairball Control cat food.”

     While these companies get some PR and may get some sales for their products, they also want your cats healthy.  If your cat has a lot of problems with hairballs, you should mention this to your vet.  The vet has several tools to diagnose the problem and recommend a treatment.  Vets are also a good place to ask an opinion of a product and how valid the company’s claims are. Image

     It’s doubtful your cat will ever stop having hairballs.  It is natural for cats to groom themselves and hair will get ingested.  But with some products that claim to help reduce them and a checkup from your vet, you may not have to find so many around your house. 

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Pet Books for Animal Lovers

With Black Friday coming up you may be looking for gifts for the pet lover on your list.  Books are always a great gift and over the past few weeks I’ve found the following books in several bookstores around.  I haven’t had a chance to read any of these, but take a look at the summaries I’ve posted.  Be sure and share your opinons if you’ve read any of these books or let us know about any other good pet related books you’ve read.

There are many books similar to the Marley and Me that was so popular and was turned into a movie.

Little Boy Blue by Kim Kavin – The author found her dog on a website and after she got him, wanted to find out more about his story.  ImageThe dog was saved a few days before he was going to be killed and sent to New Jersey where Kavin picked him up.  This book explores the puppy’s tale of survival and also looks at how some taxpayer funded shelters put animals to death.

The Puppy Diaries by Jill Abramson – Jill Abramson was dealing with the loss of a dog, and having to recover from injuries sustained in a serious accident.  She was battling depression and friends suggested getting a new dog to help her recovery. Scout, a golden retriever, comes into her life.  Abramson, a NY Times reporter at the time who is now the paper’s executive editor; details the adventures of living with Scout and how he affected their lives.

A Friend Like Ben: The Cat Who Came Home for Christmas by Julia Romp – This is another story about the impact pets can have on our lives. Image The author is dealing with her autistic son, George, when Ben the cat is discovered in the garden.  George makes great strides for the 3 years but Ben goes missing and George begins to regress.

Buddy: How a Rooster Made me a Family Man by Brian McGrory – This is written by another newspaper writer (Boston Globe) who loses his dog, but falls in love with his vet.  When he moves in with her he has to compete with her 2 children and several animals including Buddy, her rooster.  The story tracks how McGrory deals with the challenges, especially winning over Buddy.

This Book Will Change Your Pets Life by by Charles di Bonio – This book is something different.  You get to help your pet instead of a story about the pet helping the human.  This is available from And Thou Shalt Read in Roswell. Image It has 365 things for your dog to learn to do and works for any breed.

Collared: A Gin & Tonic Mystery by L.A. Kornetsky – This is a novel with animals playing big roles in the main character’s lives.  She’s a dog person and he’s a cat person, but they (and their animals) work together to solve a crime.  The name comes from Ginny and her shar-pei, Georgie, who team up with her bartender friend Teddy Tonicia and his bar cat, Mistress Kitty.

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Cute Cats

Every month I spend a Saturday morning cleaning out the cat cages at the Humane Society of Cobb County.  I’m one of many volunteers they have that do the same thing on different days.  I do it for several reasons:  I know they need the help, the cats enjoy the socialization, and it’s good for me to spend the time with the cats.


Most of the animals in the building are cats.  They just don’t have room to keep a lot of dogs.  At the end of July there were 42 adult cats and 41 kittens.  As you can see there are all ages, colors, breeds and personalities there.  Some love attention and want you to pet them every time you walk past the cage.  Some get as far away as possible when you open the cage. 

They have 2 rooms that the cats run free in, and there about 2 dozen cages that cats are kept in. 

These cats are kept apart from the others for a variety of reasons, including a medical issue or a socialization issue.  Some cats from the same litter may be kept in a cage together.  I’m always compelled to take pictures of these cats.  My mother never liked cats so I was raised more of a dog person.  Since I’ve left home, I’ve been around more cats and have learned to like their personalities.  It’s been fun since I started pet sitting to see the different cats and their personalities that I’ve cared for.   I’ve kept cats in my home for clients when they’ve been away for long trips.  Still pictures don’t always do justice for the cats.  With a lot of the kittens all you get is a blur.

So I decided to shoot some video this time.  Of course, they are curious about the phone (camera) so they stop playing and watch me instead.  You can see it on my YouTube page.

The pictures are great for my Facebook or Pinterest pages. 

Hopefully some people will see how cute these cats are and go and adopt one or two.  It’s kind of sad because some of the cats have been there a long time and may never get to a loving home.   If you want to see more of the pictures I’ve taken go to the Cobb Humane board I’ve created on my Pinterest page.

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