Pets and Fireworks

      We have a holiday week coming up and many of you may be getting an early start on things by taking next week off.  While time off, cookouts and swimming trips may be a lot of fun for you; the week of July 4th can be very stressful on your pets, Imageespecially your dogs.  In my last blog post I talked about ways to keep your dog safe in the sun and heat of summer.  In addition to the heat and sun of Independence Day, many dogs are afraid of fireworks.  More dogs are lost around the 4th of July than any other time of the year.  People leave their dogs unattended in the back yard, and when the dogs hear the explosions, they get spooked, jump the fence and run off. 

      Most of the dogs that are affected by the fireworks are also scared of thunderstorms.  If your dog is anxious and nervous during thunderstorms, you can handle the fireworks situation in much the same way you do thunderstorms.  I talked to Xalina Babunovic, an animal behaviorist at the Dog School 101 in Marietta.  She said if you crate your dog during storms you should crate him when there are fireworks going off.  ImageAlso if you are leaving your dog alone and it’s usually crated when you are gone, crate it when you leave.  Regardless of if the dog is left crated, she advises you to leave some sort of loud background noise on, like music or the TV.   The room should be kept dark as well.  If you use a thundershirt, go ahead and put it on the dog.  Xalina doesn’t recommend leaving the pet with the thundershirt  on because if the dog get agitated it may try and get out of the shirt

     If you haven’t tried a thundershirt for your pet you can find information here.  I’ve also linked a video that shows how easy it is to put them on. 

    It’s best if you will be at home to be with your pet.  Having you in the room will help put your pet at ease as well.  If you’re playing with it, that may be able to keep it distracted and it won’t focus as much on the fireworks. Image

     Another thing to remember if you are hosting a cook out and animals will be around is that you want to make sure the food is kept away from the animals, and any alcoholic beverages. 

     Make sure to have your pet’s chip information handy. In case it does get away, you’ll be able to identify it quickly.  I know most people have plenty of pictures of their pets, but you want to make sure you have a good one that shows its face and could be used on social media or flyers around the neighborhood.  Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with that situation, but you must be prepared.  Hopefully your preparations and responsible actions will mean a 4th of July holiday that will be enjoyed by everyone, your family, your friends, and most of all your pets.   Here is a link that the ASPCA provides on things to help ensure your pets have a happy and safe 4th of July.

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Pets and Fireworks

Most of us love a fireworks show.  Few things are as American as a fireworks display.

But there may be someone in your home who doesn’t like the fireworks.  Many dogs and cats get scared by the bangs.  The bright flashes and loud bangs, also associated with thunderstorms, are terrifying to some pets and can cause anxiety, stress and even escape. Normally calm pets may become distressed, destructive and even bite in an attempt to get away from the noises.  While running, they are at risk for being hit by a car, becoming lost or encountering another animal that might be aggressive.  If your pet doesn’t like thunderstorms, don’t take it to the fireworks show, even if the rules permit pets.

Even if you stay home with your pets during the next few days, there could be people in your neighborhood setting off fireworks and even that can scare your dog.  One of our sitters was staying with a dog over Memorial Day and one of the neighbors was setting off some firecrackers.  The dog gets scared during storms and was spooked by the bangs.  If you see your pet is afraid, make sure to calm and reassure them.  If you leave your pets at home when you enjoy the fireworks show or go to a party and you think your pet could get scared of the noise, leave some music on.

Fireworks aren’t the only problem that pets, especially dogs, have to deal with during the summer.  I hope all of you know better than to leave your dog in a car.  Try and walk the dog in grass as much as possible.  Another Fetch! franchise posted this picture on their page today. 

The summer months are flea and tick season.  If you take your dog for walks in the woods, make sure you check it for ticks, especially dogs with long hair like golden retrievers.

If you find your pet disoriented, panting excessively or collapsed in the yard, move him immediately to a cooler environment. Use cool wet towels over his back, armpits and groin to help bring his temperature down. Fans are often helpful too. DO NOT USE ICE! Then, get him to your veterinarian immediately so that they can assess his status and begin life saving treatments.

July 4th celebrations  and summer evenings are supposed to be fun.  By taking some basic preparations, you won’t have your fun spoiled by a pet emergency.  Happy 4th everyone!

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