We Love Our Pet$

   Many people have had to cut back on things during the financial hard times we’ve experienced in this country the past few years, but American’s expenditures on their pets continues to rise.   An article this week in the Arizona Republic looks at just how much so.  Image

The American Pet Products Association estimates that Americans will spend $52.87 billion this year on the pets.  The article quotes a pet expert in the Phoenix area that expects it to be even higher.  You can see from the numbers that it has been steady growth through the recession and has nearly doubled since the early 2000s. Image

    Bundle.com has surveyed the top 100 cities in the United States and lists the top 25 cities by average monthly spending on pets.  Scottsdale, Arizona is #1 at $47.88 per resident, per month.  Atlanta didn’t make the top 25.  New Orleans is 25th at $29.25. 

    Pet owners know that food makes up a large percentage of their costs.  Humans are eating, healthier, more natural foods and they are feeding their pets the same way.  I have a number of clients that include vegetables with their pet’s meals.  Many use specialized all-natural foods. Image

     There are many reasons for the increase in pet spending and ownership.  Perhaps the biggest reason is that no matter how tough a day you had at work or all the rejection letters you get for a new job, that pet doesn’t care and is so happy to see you.  And that makes the spending worthwhile. Image

    Fetch! Pet Care of NW Atlanta provides pet sitting, dog walking and cat care services for Roswell, East Cobb, Woodstock and Kennesaw, GA.  You can follow us on Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/fetchnwatlanta/


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