First Aid Kit for pets

As we head into March, even with the mild winter we’ve had, dog owners are looking forward to spending more time outside with their pets.  If you go to a park or on a hiking trail  or even around the house, there are plenty of potential problems out there for dogs, especially given their curious nature.  But if you are prepared you can prevent some of these things from becoming a major problem for you and your pet.  I’m going to list some of the basic things you need for your first aid kit.  This will fit easily in a fanny pack and many of these items can be used by you and other humans should the need arise on your hikes.  Cat owners you too should have a kit ready as well.

I mentioned in the last blog the importance of having a strip of material to use as a muzzle.  This is an essential element to your first aid kit, because unless the dog is restrained, it is almost impossible to move an injured dog who is conscious and in pain.  Here is a list of other items to include from the Pet Tech Petsaver program text book:

Adhesive Tape – 1 inch roll

Gauze pads – 3 or 4 inch square

Gauze rolls – 2 inch for small pets, 3 inch for larger dogs

Triangular Bandages

Individually wrapped sanitary napkins

Digital thermometer

Blunt end scissors


Eye dropper

12 cc syringe with needle removed

Antihistamine gel caps – put a safety pin in the package to prick hole in cap and squirt into pet’s mouth

Antibiotic – ex. Neosporin

Hydrogen peroxide (3%)

Vinegar or baking soda – used to neutralize burns caused by acids

Activated charcoal – used to absorb poisons

Petroleum jelly – as lubricant for thermometer


Chemical ice pack

Small flashlight

Needle nose pliers


Betadine solution

Razor blades

Extra leash and collar

Plastic bags – for clean up or to save samples to give to vet

Permanent marking pen – for marking sample bags

Towel or blanket large enough to use to transport your pet

Latex or nitrile gloves

Pet Tech offers pet first aid classes and can explain how some of these ingredients are used.  The American Red Cross also offers pet first aid classes.  You can ask your vet about this as well.

In addition to these items you should keep a picture of you and your pet together in the bag in case you need to prove ownership of the dog.  Also you may have emergency numbers in your phone, but you should have them written down too.  Your cell phone batteries could be dead and you may have to borrow someone’s phone.  Also include a number for poison control.

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